Why Passion Matters?

The word “Passion” comes from the Latin verb patere, meaning “to suffer”. Hence when you are passionate about something or anything, it drives you in such an intense and compelling way – that you literally suffer when you don’t achieve it, in all its perfection.

Truly, a life lived with passion – is a life worth living. Below are a few lines I penned down for my team.

Passion in work

Passion in your work is……

When you hold yourself to standards higher than others expect of you,

When you work for the ideal of Excellence, not for the applause, not for the credit.

When you lose your sleep, that you fell short of perfection,

And are restless & incomplete till you wipe that smallest blemish clean.

When every time you fall, you grit your teeth, pick yourself up again,

And under your breath vow, “Never again!”


Passion in your work is…..

When you want to work, like Mozart composed music,

Like Michelangelo sculpted masterpieces,

Or Sachin played cricket.

Not because it is a job to be done, not because it is something off your checklist,

But because it is the breath, it is the heartbeat of your life,

And because you believe, that in the work you do, is the truest reflection of YOU.


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