Masterclass for Business : An interactive learning experience

In the ever changing VUCA world with unpredictable business dynamics, organizations must ensure their employees are well-equipped to handle the inevitable challenges and thrive nonetheless.

The learning window for any team is getting reduced by the second, as digital transformation takes over. Thus, it is important for organisations to help their team members navigate efficiently through the learning landscape. The burning question faced by leaders and organisations alike is – 

How do you enable fast paced skill development while also ensuring effective learning?

An effective way to do that is through employee training on diverse topics and tools, to support their overall development. Typically, the learning and development teams take care of creating and delivering the training materials. But, sadly, that doesn’t solve the entire problem. What about their daily work and goals? Will they always have enough time and resources to keep up with the changing learning trends? The answer is usually negative.

Besides, if your L&D team focuses on creating the training content and resources instead of streamlining their training efforts across the organization, your employee development goals will suffer. That’s where Masterclass learning platforms come in.

In the current economy, where the stakes are higher and the critical functions of a business lie in the hands of the employees, Masterclass for business offers learning that is deep and transformational. It helps to bridge the gap between training and performance, which is pivotal to business success.

What is a Masterclass?

Masterclass is a virtual training session, usually interactive in nature, where learners discover important skill sets, straight from the horse’s mouth. These sessions are facilitated by industry giants from across the globe. These masters are renowned experts in their respective fields and have brought influential transformations across industries. Typically, these conversations can range from 45 minutes to one hour, on topics contextualized to fit different scenarios. These interactive webinars allow for impactful knowledge sharing. And they also give the participants a chance to directly interact with the facilitator, making them feel engaged and more open to impactful learning.

Masterclass learning platforms influence and encourage your teams to become the best possible version of themselves. Based on a 2017 report from the Aberdeen Group on training content and employee development, about 73 percent of companies face challenges to resolve the skill gaps and facilitate internal learning for their employees. The same study also reveals how over 67 percent of companies don’t find the quality of new hires satisfactory within the 1-3 years of their employment. 

There is an evident crack in the learning infrastructure. And the key to resolving the issue lies in engaging subject-matter experts in employee training programs in the organization. And that is what lies at the core of masterclass learning platforms. With the adoption of masterclass programs, organizations can expect better employee performance aligned with the overall organizational goals and objectives.

Masterclass and active learning

Masterclass sessions resemble in-person classroom training and provide an interactive learning experience. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that such a learning experience has to offer:

1. Increased Scalability

Traditional instructor-led training remains a highly effective form of employee learning and training program. However, it’s not the ideal solution for all your organisational training needs. At times, companies and talent leaders have to limit the number of employees they enrol for a particular session. And, this can reduce the overall effectiveness of these training interventions.

Masterclass, on the other hand, is a highly scalable option. The allowed number of participants is no longer limited by the restraints of physical space. Masterclass facilitators can enrol as many learners into their programs as they deem fit. The number may only vary, as per the training requirements.Owing to this convenience, masterclass experiences have a greater reach and be employed efficiently for even most diverse teams. This inclusivity can boost overall productivity for your organisation.

2. Enhanced inter-personal relationships

The biggest USP of a masterclass learning intervention is the room available for active discussion. Proper communication within the training program allows the employees to engage and retain the knowledge better. It also promotes real-time conversation between participants. This in turn, can help boost the inter-personal relationships and overall effectiveness of the training.

3. Convenient learning for employees

With the changing workplace landscapes, work-from-home is becoming universally more commonplace. This also means that the average employee is getting busier than ever. Working from a designated office allowed your team to draw clear lines between their work and home responsibilities. However, working from home can cause these boundaries to fade away.

Consequently, maintains a work-life balance is becoming difficult by the day. And that’s where a Masterclass can come to the rescue. Unlike traditional classroom training, masterclass interventions facilitate flexible learning experience. They allow for an unmatched flexibility when it comes to the time, location, and even the learner’s pace. This allows for a more enriched and himpactful training experience.

4. Up-skilling

Employee turnover is a significant challenge for organisations. According to a report from Glassdoor, companies in the U.S. spend an average of $4,000 and 24 days on every new worker. A higher turnover rate in the workplace costs a lot of money and lowers morale and productivity.

A well planned masterclass program can help fill up the existing knowledge gap among employees. Furthermore, such learning interventions can also help keep your employees motivated. Investment in employee development programs serves multiple needs. Such interventions can help organisations improve employee productivity, enhance their engagement levels, and even efficiently retain the top performers. It can allow you to reap the multi-faceted benefits of having a skilled team.

Everyone wins with Masterclass for Business

Every form of learning followed within an organisation must focus on one primary goal, which is to help employees grow professionally. Learning interventions should also help the team members enhance their day-to-day work skills. Masterclass for business can help make substantial contribution towards the learning and knowledge-sharing goals of an organization. It can also effectively enable transformational skills development.

Today, many forward-thinking organizations have already embraced eLearning training tools and methodologies for their employee training needs. So, if yours is an organisation that still follows the traditional route, let’s try embracing virtual learning tools like the Masterclass sessions, shall we?

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