How to Train Your Manager: A Roadmap to New Manager Training

The plot is laid. The location is set. The target is here. We just have to execute everything at right time and place! The plan is to steal the golden route to the airport. We will have to hijack the city’s traffic control system to get the car with the gold on the planned spot to execute the robbery.

Surprisingly, three trucks in a row have left Spider’s mansion.

Which one has the gold? Our hacker can certainly tell. Let’s get on with it guys! Get the truck to the spot and blow the road to drop the van into the tunnel.

The door of the vehicle is opened, and there are the shining gold blocks!

We don’t have time; transfer the gold to our cars. Quick!

The gold is stuffed in the cars. They race from the subway tunnel through the city, followed by Spider’s men who are trying to stop them. Spider himself gets down from his helicopter and dives into a truck to pursue them and kill them himself. He is surprised to see Charlie and the team waiting for him. The cars are empty. Where is the gold? Charlie hands over Spider the Russian Mafia and the team is set on their way to freedom and riches.

The question is, where is the gold? You guessed it right. The cars themselves are made of gold!

Oops, did I forget to say spoiler alert? Yes, that was the climax scene of the movie Players. You might consider it entertainment. However, the team player inside you knows that this is an amazing example of managing time, people, actions, events, and resources. Could a single man have done that? No! Could a one-man army have done that? No! That was only accomplished through teamwork, which comes when a manager becomes a leader, and a group becomes a team.

Are your managers practicing the same? If not. It is time to train them.

A manager becomes a leader when they move from the concept of me to we. A manager makes you feel that they are important while a leader will always make you feel that you are important. This movie was all about effective leadership and teamwork wherein each one of them contributes equally to accomplish the mission.

The managers in your organization are indeed the driving force because they are responsible for making individuals accomplish tasks timely and correctly. It is your task to train those managers in a way that enables them to deliver results efficiently. After all, leaders are not born; they are made. The real challenge is to help these leaders combine strong leadership and strong management and use one to balance the other. We want to help you focus on your new managers and empower them through the New Manager Training.

Start by Building Momentum

Help your new managers get into their new role as a manager smoothly. Make them feel good about themselves by training them and preparing them for their future endeavors. Help them make a successful transition.

Inductions are Important

It is essential for you to conduct a proper induction training to train managers. It’s up to you to make them aware of the company policies and procedures. The new manager training must also include an introduction to the new and existing employees of the company. Your inductions should be interactive enough to make the new managers feel comfortable with the work culture, organisation regulations, and HR guidelines.

Provide Sufficient Resources

Equipping managers with all the resources they need for successful delivery of projects encourages them and smoothens their operations. With a sufficient amount of resources and proper leadership training for managers, they can implement their work with due diligence. It will also enable them to put the organisational resources to the most optimal use.

Use Inspirational Movies

We all know that visuals speak louder than words. You can mix in a fun element while you train managers and show them clips from different movies that can inspire them. For some examples, take a look at Rocket Singh, The Pursuit of Happyness, Chak De India, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, etc. You can use the motivational scenes from these movies to encourage new managers.

Develop Future Leaders

“If people believe in themselves, it is amazing what they can accomplish.” –Sam Walton.

Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their employees. Your new manager training programs should include activities like role-play wherein they can perform their roles and responsibilities in a mock organisational setup. They will be able to understand their job profiles better and learn the usage of resources. It will also enable them to comprehend the consequences of their actions and find ways to rectify them. Once they are able to move beyond instructing and learn to also nurture, enhance and empower people, then they will be called leaders.

Training the new management is essential for every organisation. A carefully laid new manager training program can help your business operations soar higher than ever. All you need to do is lay the map and let the new managers find their way to the treasure by using the right resources in the right quantities at the right time.

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