How To Improve Team Engagement In Your Organisation?

Employee engagement is one of the most important aspects of HR departments and management teams in many successful organizations. And, why shouldn’t it be? When employees are engaged and satisfied, it leads to better productivity, increased revenue, and reduced turnover, amongst other things.

Many times, organizations just focus on making their employees happy and think in turn they will be able to increase productivity. However, it should be noted that happiness is only a part of what a leader should try to achieve. The scenario shouldn’t be that everyone is happy and having fun at work while getting no real work accomplished. Therefore, ‘engaged’ is a significant word here. Being engaged means that the employees care about the organization, its values, and its goals. It means that employees give the organization and its customers the real level of commitment that is demanded.

For achieving business results, employee engagement is a must-have for every organization. David Guest, Professor of Organizational Psychology at Kings College, London, defines employee engagement as, “A workplace approach designed to ensure that employees are committed to their organisation’s goals and values, motivated to contribute to organisational success and able to enhance their own sense of wellbeing at the same time.”

One of the best ways to incorporate active employee engagement is through team-building activities. The aim is to get the employees outside their routine tasks, enabling them to interact with their coworkers, and having fun while fostering teamwork. This gives the workplace a great employee engagement boost.

Here we have listed some of the best employee engagement activities that leaders should bring into the workplace.

The Domino Rally Challenge

If you’re looking for an intense indoor activity that initiates conversations about the domino effect that each member of any division can have in your team, the Domino Rally Challenge is the perfect fit. The sheer amount of effort and time that is put into creating a domino module is incredible and requires intensive planning and top-notch teamwork. With no rules or limitations, it is the ultimate activity to derive the thought, ‘What one can imagine, one can create.’

The Celluloid Challenge

Everyone knows it takes an incredible amount of creativity, teamwork, communication, and leadership to create a movie. A team building exercise that unleashes the creativity of your team, the Celluloid Challenge encourages employees to turn into full-fledged production units and produce their own hit films! As the challenge moves through different stages of scripting, shooting, and editing, the employees are pushed to get even more motivated and creative. There’s a role for everyone in this challenge!

The Egyptian Challenge

This is a challenge that requires teams to bring their innovation, creativity, and acumen in planning. If a leader wants to send messages for the team around a single theme – say of effective communication, handling conflict, and leadership – this is a wonderful activity as all these themes can get debriefed in a thoroughly engaging manner.

Employees who are engaged bring high levels of productivity to the workplace, thereby enhancing customer experience. They understand the organization’s values and work in sync with them. It’s time to make your employees engaged through fun and innovative activities! Are you ready?

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