6 Steps to Become Your Team’s Motivational Officer

First let me explain what “motivational offer” even means. The motivational officer (aka celebration officer) is always the one who looks out for a tonne of reasons to celebrate, like each achievement and milestone. But there’s more to it than just a reason for a cold beer – as Uncle Ben would say, “with great power comes great responsibility!”

To help lighten the load of that responsibility, below I’ve listed 6 easy steps to help you become an awesome motivational officer.

1. One should take out some time to know his team:

One should take out some time to know his team

To motivate your people you should know what they like and what they don’t! Try understanding their feelings and act accordingly. For example, our team loves cricket, so we decided to go to the beach and play cricket and we did the same thing for yoga as well!


2. Appreciation or gifts are strong motivators:

As you know your team members better, you can reward them with what they like! Not just with material gifts, but small celebrations of their achievements work well. This helps them feel motivated. My personal favourite is to surprise them with handmade gifts, like a letter or video.

Appreciation or gifts


3. Unite the team towards a common goal and make the progress visible:

One thing that worked for us in achieving our financial goal last year was having a live counter for our revenue. We also added a bell in our office so each time we cracked a deal, our teammate would go and ring the bell and we would make some noise!

Unite the team towards a common goal


4. Be the change you want to inspire:

Once you are a motivational officer, make sure you achieve your goals and model the way for others. If you don’t take your goals and personal progress seriously neither will they.

You must be the change you want to see in the world


5. Create shared memories:

Creating opportunities for your team to make memories together will help them bond and perform better. New experiences will be fresher in their minds and the shared experiences will create a common platform for everyone to come together. Instead of opting for team dinners that can get repetitive (and expensive), consider taking the team to a cooking class. Everyone gets to learn something new in a fun environment, and you’re forming memories together.

Shared memories


6. Team buy-in:

I’ve mentioned many tips for becoming an awesome celebration or motivation officer, but it’s not possible without your team members agreeing with what you say. So, to get everyone’s buy in, a brainstorming session is great place to begin. When ideas come from everyone there is a greater sense of ownership from the whole team.

Team buy-in

And with this, I am off to celebrate my 1st blog!

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