Five Killer Strategies To Develop A Personal Brand

5 Killer Strategies To Develop A Personal Brand

What’s the one thing that comes to your mind thinking about KFC? The Chicken Recipe. What’s the one thing you recall when thinking about Starbucks? I don’t need to answer that. What’s the one thing that strikes your mind when you think of Toyota? It’s Quality. What’s the one thing that hits the cord when you think of Martin Luther King Jr.? “I have a dream.” What about when you think of Shahrukh Khan? It’s entertainment. Top companies and people know how to brand themselves because they know the secret to personal branding. It’s your index finger. Didn’t get the point? Make a fist with the index finger sticking out. Yes, the secret is this index finger. Here’s how: think of the index finger as a symbol of the one thing that you would like to associate with, which would define your personal brand. Here are five ways to develop your personal brand:

  1. Find the one thing you like to associate with:
    birdsFind out the ONE adjective that defines you and resonates with your heart. A few sample adjectives for your reference are creative, adventurous, compassionate, diligent, dependable, humorous, royal, witty, etc. The words that resonate with me are motivating, inspiring, versatile, and passionate, but the word that most defines me is motivating. Know what to stand for, because if you don’t have anything to stand for, you can fall for anything. Find out the one theme that defines you.
  2. Find out ways to communicate that one thing:
    Actions speak louder than words. People don’t believe what you say, but they believe how you act. When you think of Rahul Dravid what one word comes to your mind – Mr. Dependable! List down actions you could take that project your right image to people around. I love to convey my personal brand through various means – I write motivational articles, conduct high-energy seminars, and have authored success books. Check out my Success Books to know how I communicate my message.
  3. Associate with right people:
    ducksFlocks of the same feather fly together. You are not only judged by who you are, but who you spend time with. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Be with people who appreciate your personal brand. A flower can’t grow in weeds; you need to provide the right culture.
  4. Market yourself the right way:
    If your personal brand says that you are ‘inspiring’ and all your social media statuses are filled with complaints and hate messages, people will see a misalignment and you will dilute your brand. Keep a check on your social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to project the right you. Whenever I get an opportunity, I market my talents through speaking engagements, books, blogs, social media, articles, and more. Everyone who is serious about developing a brand must invest in marketing; Narendra Modi, Tony Robbins, and almost all Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities spend huge amounts on developing their personal brands.
  5. Create raving fans:
    group photoYour work is your autograph. Leave a mark on your customers, vendors, colleagues, friends, and family with your work. I continuously work hard to serve my customers by finding out ways to delight them. One way I do that is by investing in my own development so that I can be of service to people around me. There’s nothing better than having people talk positively about your personal brand.

So, finally, the question I love to ask: Are you ready to inspire your team to do more, sell more, inspire more, and be more? Let us help you organize a high energy, power packed seminar for your team. Write to us at

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